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Some concerts and tours we have worked on previously:

- Centre Stage V: Lighting & Sound design & supply

- Nomad Summer Tour 2018: Christchurch Lighting design & supply

- Little Andromeda Theatre Festival 2018: Stage and Site Lighting design & supply

- HEDEX (UK): Lighting, Sound, Staging, FX design & supply

- Dillastrate (NZ) Summer Tour: Lighting design for all shows

- Opiou (NZ) Synergy Tour 2018: Christchurch lighting rider supply

- Mr Traumatik (UK): Christchurch Lighting Sound, Staging, FX design & supply

- Devilman (UK): Christchurch Lighting, Sound, Staging, FX design & supply

- DJ Phantasy (UK) : Christchurch Lighting, Structure, FX design & supply

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